Monsterfixed (Mfxd) is a fixed gear group based in Singapore since 2009. Our crew consists of all races, ages ranging from 16 to 26 years old and hearing-impaired and non-hearing impaired members.

Cycling gives us a sense of independence, but it may be even stronger for the deaf community. Hearing impaired cyclists must focus all of their attention when cycling because they are not able to hear sirens and traffic noises.

When cycling, we feel that our body and our bikes are as one.  We gain so much experience through riding. We are inspired by the fixed gear scenes around the world. We gain many friends through cycling and we hope to make more friends & to expose ourselves more out there in the fixed gear scene.

We are the heart and the bike is the body. if our legs don’t move the bike won’t start. we have to keep on pedaling to keep it going.


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